CONCEPT: Luvette's Guide to the Dressed Woman - a quirky approach to the art of deception with regard to women and dress. These cards tell a story about the things I love in fashion and its wonderful world of fakery, deception and beauty. shuffle them and the story is the same, but somehow different. Use them to be inspired, to gain direction, and sometimes its just nice to look at something beautiful.


CONCEPT: ever-evolving fashion consciousness. I created a unique typeface  distinct texture/pattern only true to my brand. The four changes in colour depict the evolution of fashion in four seasons, and the palettes ability to evolve and adapt with the ever-changing fashion climate.


 Prototype packaging design for a premium in-house denim range for the Markham men's clothing brand that would be sold in Markham stores.

Denim positioning: A new generation of jeans, for a new generation of South African men.

Execution: Mark Black is a name derived from the insight that the term black is associated with success. much like the American Express black card, or the perception that Jonnie walker black is the most expensive bottle, mark black became Markham's premium denim range, that caters to the status-chasers and citysumers. the idea was to produce a range of once-off denim designs, in four different cuts in order to ensure that no two jeans are alike. The range would be produced in limited edition batches, maintaining that essence of exclusivity.The packaging is a band that hold the rolled up jeans, and reads: premium denim made in South Africa for you with a batch number and the description of the cut. Ideally, the swing tag would be produced in thin die-cut metal.


A  range of packaging for The Body Shop that unites their brand values with the premium nature of the products.

CONCEPT: to create a visual language to communicate their values and key product ingredients through symbolism and colour.
Each package represents the body shops values (against animal testing, supporting commmunity fair trade, protecting the planet and activating self esteem). Each package has a symbol pertaining to the product inside and a symbol for what that product stands for.


An editorial shoot for Pull-In, a premium french underwear brand that recently launched in South Africa.

The target market are not status-chasers, they are already of the status.

CONCEPT:  Pumping iron fashionably with pull-in. A 6-page editorial that would be placed in Marie Claire magazine South Africa about the launch of their gym spring/summer collection. 

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